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Customer Testimonials

"I really like the simplicity of this program." - Barry


"I love it, it makes my life so much easier!!!" - Carla


"Thanks! No more booting into Classic. WooHoo!" - Kim


"Could not function without it." - David


"icWord is the main reason why my Mac is still on my desk." - Wim


"Your product has been a dream to use, and fantastic to use for e-mails, etc." - Matthew


"Saved my skin by letting me convert Word docs to Nisus." - Hanna

Mac Users Take Heart . . . End Your Frustrations With MS Word Incompatibility For Under $20!

How many times has it happened? Someone sends you a Word file created on a PC and you can't do a thing with it. The incompatibility barrier between Mac and PC often gets in the way. But not any more!

Now - whether you need to work with Word documents for personal or business use - icWord offers an affordable solution.

Why spend $399 for the full version of Word if you don't need it? Why waste $149 on an upgrade for no reason? icWord offers full viewing functionality for under $20.

This is the only "what you see is what you get" utility on the market today. Yes, there are other solutions available, but they offer simple "text only" viewing, or force you to convert the file to another program. Neither of those is a full solution to your problem.

Money-Back Guarantee

With icWord you'll be able to:

  • View Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint and AppleWorks files (PC or Mac created, including previous ClarisWorks 5 files).
  • Quickly convert Word files to AppleWorks, RTF or Text for use with other programs.
  • "Translate" documents created in any version of Word to the version you currently own.
  • Download Word and AppleWorks files from the Internet - no more asking, "do you offer a Macintosh compatible version?"
  • Open email attachments from PC-user friends and colleagues.
  • Use and print Word and AppleWorks files without the usual hassles or errors.
  • Use the viewer with complete scaling, searching and automatic bookmark capabilities.
  • Copy and drag text or graphics to other applications.
  • See the complete list of features here.
  • Enjoy support on a wide range of Apple systems - from Mac OS 7.1 to the latest Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

icWord comes with our complete, risk-free, "Office Money Back" guarantee. If you purchase icWord and find - within the next 90 days - that you still need to purchase MS Word, we will refund your icWord purchase price. What could be better?

Over 10,000 Satisfied Users Can't Be Wrong

We continually get email from satisfied icWord users. Join the crowd! End your Word frustrations right now..

Download a free 30-day trial of icWord