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"icWord: Sidestep the Mighty Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Word is a pretty penny at $370. If you were thinking you needed to buy a copy of Word because you occasionally need to open Word documents, icWord® is certainly worth the investment."

- Adrienne Robillard,
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Tucows: Chosen as "Head of the Herd" and given the top"5-Cow" rating! 5 COWS

"Description: icWord® is intended for those who don't have or don't want to have MS Word on their Macs.

However, when someone sends you a word document, either from another Mac or a Windows machine, it sure would be nice to be able to read it, no?

All you have to do is drag and drop the document onto the icWord® icon, and the document opens.

You can even copy and paste the document - or part of it - to another application. Or, you can print the document out and read it later. Problem solved!

In addition, you can also download Word files from the Internet and read and print those as well.

WYSIWYG functionality lets you see the original formatting: font size and style, paragraphs, margins, borders, alignment, line spacing, graphics and colors.

Dynamic viewing lets you: scale from 50 percent to 400 percent; search for words in text; copy and drag text to other applications; open ZIP and Stuffit files; navigate with jumpmarks; and customize font matching.

icWord® does not execute any macros, so there is no fear of opening a virus from a Word document that carries one.

Please read the documentation for more detailed information. You can drag and drop it onto the icWord® icon."

FileDudes: "Dude Approved"
and the top 5-Dude rating!

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"icWord® is a lifesaver application for those of us who need to open Microsoft® Word files from both Mac and Windows platform, but don't own MS Word. How many times have you rooted through tons of garbage characters in your favorite non-MS word processor because someone sent you a MS Word 2000 file? Now, with icWord®, you can easily open and extract clean text, with most of the formatting intact. A godsend for designers and others who have to deal with people who seem to think that everybody with a computer owns Microsoft® Word."