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About Us

Panergy is a leading developer of software for the Mac since 1992. Panergy creates multilingual software that allows users to gain access to documents created by applications they have not installed in order to improve their development and workflow for Print and Web Publishing.

Panergy's solutions are icWord® for Microsoft® Word files viewing, icXL for Microsoft® Excel files viewing and docXConverter for converting docx, xlsx and cwk files.

Our products are used extensively worldwide by thousands of Designers, Publishers, Internet Providers and Educational Institutions.

North American Clients: Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Journal of Quebec, Moorhead Public School, Newton Public School, Washington Magazine and others.

European Clients: France Telecom (France), Hachette Rusconi (Italy), Schwaebische Zeitung (Germany), Sport Magazine (UK), TMP Worldwide (UK), Vasabladet Ab (Finland) and others.